Selected Work

Skowhegan School (1984):

During his artist's residency at the prestigiousSkowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (Summer of 1984), Rich worked on a temporary installation using cardboard and the structure of the studio itself. He also created his first free-standing pieces which had abstract, animal-like characteristics.

Early Drawings (1978-1984):

Comprised of gesso on paper and cardboard, these pieces explore a theme of homelessness.

Series of Museum Studies:

From a large series of sketches in ink and wash from collections of indigenous art. Many from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Early Work With Cardboard (1986-1989):

These sculptures are small "sketches" of cardboard birds and animals exploring asymmetry and design.

Prints (1990's)

Prints (2004-2006):

Monotypes which include textures of carved Tibetan and Indian woodblocks and early American stencils. The floating figures are a part of a series called "Between the Flowers and the Ground". The portraits are from a series entitled "The Memory of Distance".

Paintings On Wood (1990's):